Age Confident – Are you ready for an ageing population?

The population is ageing; people are living longer healthier lives and the impact of the Baby Boomer generation means the over 50s are the fastest growing group in the workforce and in the marketplace for goods and services.

In the workplace, more people need to or choose to work longer now that there is no statutory retirement age. Older workers have diverse lifestyles and age no longer determines the choices they make. When older workers leave the workforce the supply of young people will not be sufficient to replace them. Many sectors are now finding gaps in key skills and knowledge needed for future business success.

In the marketplace, older consumers hold significant spending power and demand tailored customer service that takes account of the needs of people as they age. Their desire for greater choice will also challenge perspectives and traditional stereotypes of ageing.

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Being Age Confident means..

  • Understanding the demographic changes that are reshaping the workforce
  • Recognising the opportunity of a growing marketplace of older consumers
  • Challenging common stereotypes and beliefs about older people
  • Adapting policies and practices to meet the needs of a new generation of older people
  • Embedding an organisation culture that responds to individual needs
  • Being inspired to take a new perspective and do things differently

Being Age Confident boosts business performance by..

  • Retaining key skills and talents for future success
  • Creating an engaged and motivated workforce
  • Developing diverse teams that produce innovative solutions
  • Delighting customers and maintaining brand loyalty
  • Ensuring that services are accessible and attractive to everyone
  • Building a reputation for excellence in customer service


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Managing an ageing workforce

Are you confident you can retain the skills of your most experienced employees?

Over a third of today’s workforce are over the age of 50 and older employees are set to make up the largest group in the UK by 2024. Releasing the potential of older workers means understanding the motivations of the Baby Boomer generation; being proactive about health and wellbeing and actively supporting working carers.

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Engaging Older Consumers

Are you making the most of the fastest growing consumer market sector?

By 2030 the over 65s will account for 25% of the total adult consumer market. Engaging with older consumers means understanding their needs and adapting the way services are designed and delivered. Creating customer journeys that delight older consumers will boost brand loyalty and market share.

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