Age Confident Design Consultancy

Innovation in product design and the development of customer services is key to ensuring that older customers are able to use products with ease and benefit from services that enhance their quality of life.

“Inclusive design must become part of mainstream thought in designing every aspect of our environment. Once business realises the massive and expanding market for inclusive design, then it will become the standard that everyone demands”.

(UK Govt. – Lifetime Homes, Lifetime Neighbourhoods)

Great ideas come from new perspectives

Delighting your customers begins with innovative ideas for the design of products and services. We work with product and packaging, business development and marketing teams to inspire you to think differently about design in order to meet the needs of ageing consumers and service users. Touchpoints in the customer journey that delight older customers will work for all other ages so getting design right boosts business performance with no need for extra investment or costly adaptations at a later date.

Step in the shoes of your customer

Using experiential techniques we enable your teams to recognise and experience common sensory, physical and cognitive conditions that may affect older consumers. This enables you to identify frustrations and barriers that potentially lose your business valuable customers. We work with you to develop new ideas and solutions that enable customers of all ages to engage with your brand and give you a competitive edge in a growing market sector.

Age Confident Employers

Does your HR strategy take account of the impact of an ageing workforce?
Plan for the future by taking part in our Age Confident audit.

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Training Managers and Leaders

Are your managers confident to lead age diverse teams?
Invest in their development to create an inclusive culture that boosts business performance.

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Age Confident Customer Experience

Would your older customers recommend you to their friends?
Take a fresh look at your customer journey to make sure you gain a share of the growing sector of older consumers.

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