Age Confident Customer Experience

Would your older customers recommend you to their friends?
Take a fresh look at your customer journey to make sure you gain a share of the growing sector of older consumers.

“Age Confident organisations create great customer relationships where all the touchpoints in the customer journey are age positive.”

Find out what works

Our unique Age Confident Customer Experience is both a continuous improvement tool and customer service training programme.

Using our expertise we review and benchmark your customer service journey, including your website and marketing materials, customer administration processes, your premises and your face to face customer service interactions. We then create a unique experiential training workshop for your front line staff and managers.

Step in the shoes of your customer

During the training workshop participants wear special simulation equipment to step into the shoes of your ageing customers and service users to learn about the barriers and frustrations that older people may face.

We then work with you to develop a plan to make improvements to your customer experience. Once we are happy that you have met the standard we will endorse your success in becoming Age Confident.

Age Confident Employers

Does your HR strategy take account of the impact of an ageing workforce?
Plan for the future by taking part in our Age Confident audit.

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Training Managers and Leaders

Are your managers confident to lead age diverse teams?
Invest in their development to create an inclusive culture that boosts business performance.

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Supporting Working Carers

How many of your employees are juggling work with caring responsibilities?
Take a proactive approach to recognising and supporting working carers to retain an engaged and productive workforce.

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