Age Confident Training

Are your frontline employees confident when dealing with older consumers?
Develop awareness and understanding to ensure you deliver first class customer service.

“Just because I’m over 60 nobody wants to sell me anything any more.”

(Germaine Greer)

Building confidence through learning

Awareness and understanding is key to developing an Age Confident Customer Experience. We offer a range of training programmes to ensure that your managers and staff are up to date with the latest developments in the field of working with ageing communities and consumers.

Our training programmes include:

  • Communicating with and understanding older customers
  • Supporting older vulnerable customers
  • Ensuring dementia friendly customer care

Age Confident Employers

Does your HR strategy take account of the impact of an ageing workforce?
Plan for the future by taking part in our Age Confident audit.

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Training Managers and Leaders

Are your managers confident to lead age diverse teams?
Invest in their development to create an inclusive culture that boosts business performance.

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Age Confident Customer Experience

Would your older customers recommend you to their friends?
Take a fresh look at your customer journey to make sure you gain a share of the growing sector of older consumers.

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