About Kingswood

Kingswood was founded by Judith Wardell in 2001 with the aim of helping organisations, teams and individuals to take their performance to the next level by releasing the power of individual difference and talents.

We have a strong track record of making a difference through the design and delivery of leadership and management development programmes, diversity training, personal and team development programmes and HR consultancy and support.

Our loyal and valued clients cover a wide range of sectors from the public sector, manufacturing, commercial services and the third sector.

Now, as a joint venture with Jane Barmer, Kingswood is taking a new direction to face the challenges of an ageing workforce and customer base.

Through our work in the field of age diversity we have heard the demographic time bomb ticking for some time now and feel the time is right for taking positive action. Kingswood remains committed to boosting business performance and is focused on helping you achieve this by becoming Age Confident.

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Judith Wardell

Over 15 years’ experience in Human Resource Management has shown me that policies and procedures are not the answer to developing successful teams. I have worked for some great organisations such as Peugeot, Smith & Nephew and the Police Service and have gained an understanding of the importance of engaging the hearts and minds of people in order to improve performance and change cultures.

As an independent HR consultant and trainer I have been able to focus on helping leaders and managers to make a difference through understanding themselves and others and changing behaviours.

Recognising and valuing the unique talents of individuals has always been at the core of my work and I believe that managing age diversity is key to our future. I have worked on leading edge projects with Age UK, DWP and the Life Academy to develop solutions for an ageing workforce and have taken this experience to my work with clients.


“My best ideas come when I’m in the outdoors; I love walking in the hills and dales of North Yorkshire and often bounce ideas around with my Walk and Talk networking group.”


“Keeping connected with the latest thinking is important to me; I love reading books and blogs and exploring different ideas.”


“As a Baby Boomer I want to help my generation to become the champions of finding health, happiness and fulfilment in later life.”

Jane Barmer

For over 35 years I have worked in workforce and organisational development with Age UK, helping public, military, corporate and third sector organisations to shape the talent of individuals and grow highly skilled teams that share their vision for excellence.

As a consultant and trainer I have worked with a range of organisations in building sustainability through creating age friendly customer journeys. Clients have included global companies evolving their customer relationships (e.g. RBS and Barclays); Utility suppliers supporting vulnerable consumers (e.g. UK Power Network and British Gas); Retailers re-shaping their product offering (e.g. Marks and Spencer and Handicare); Service providers improving their customer journey (e.g. South Central Ambulance Service, TransPennine Express and Elior UK catering supplier).

I have a range of experience collaborating with DWP, Age UK and other business partners delivering pioneering UK and EU initiatives influencing later working life policy and age management practices. I bring my passion and knowledge to help employers recognise, value and draw on the potential of the ageing workforce in driving business success.


“Every day I am inspired by the endeavours of people who take a risk to walk uncertain paths to increase their own awareness and ability and then share the lessons to empower others.”


“I value opportunities to find time and space throughout life’s journey to pause, meet and connect with diverse people who enrich the experience and open up new ways of thinking.”


“I passionately believe that someone’s age alone should play no part in judging their worth or denying them opportunities to reach their true potential.”