Are you managing an ageing workforce?

Releasing the potential of an age diverse workforce requires the ability to see opportunities for change and develop a joined up strategy that delivers real business results

“Over 30% of the workforce in the UK is over the age of 50. Many older workers need to continue working and want to make a positive contribution. If they leave employment they create skills and knowledge gaps with insufficient young people to replace them.”

With an ageing workforce the ability to recruit, engage and retain older workers is critical to future business success. Organisations that understand the needs of the ageing Baby Boomer generation and are prepared to challenge existing perspectives on age will release the potential of an age diverse workforce.

Being Age Confident means..

  • Understanding the impact of demographic changes for the future workforce
  • Challenging existing perceptions and stereotypes of older workers
  • Being proactive and flexible in meeting individual and business needs
  • Being confident about managing mixed age teams
  • Empowering individuals to maintain healthy and productive working lives
  • Creating a culture that values individual difference and talents

Being Age Confident boosts business performance by..

  • Retaining an engaged and motivated older workforce
  • Developing the knowledge and skills needed for future success
  • Maximising the potential of age diverse teams
  • Ensuring continued and enhanced productivity
  • Building an employer brand that values individuals and attracts talent
  • Enhancing the skills of line managers to get the best out of people