Planning for Life Transitions

Time to change your approach to pre-retirement training for your employees?
Take a new perspective to mid and later life planning to meet the needs of today’s generations.

“Lives are becoming more complex and age no longer determines the choices individuals make about life and work options. For employers this makes planning for the future difficult; we can’t make assumptions about employee’s plans for retirement or for careers. Older workers may want to continue working or retrain; younger workers no longer look forward to careers for life.”

Making the right decisions

We believe that making the right decisions at key transition points in life is not an easy task. People need time to think; to understand their strengths, their motivations and take into account their health, relationships and life circumstances.

Our Age Confident life planning programmes help people to make informed choices and create plans that realise their full potential.

We promote conversations with managers as part of our programmes to enable employers to adapt to individual needs and manage future workforce planning more intelligently.

Time for change

Later life and pre-retirement planning

With no statutory retirement age and the notion of cliff-edge retirement fast disappearing the established model of pre-retirement training fails to meet business and individual needs. We offer a model of later life planning that helps individuals to consider a broad range of work options and provides employers with better information to plan for succession.

Mid life Career Reviews

The notion of a career for life has disappeared for many and future generations expect a more fluid career path and portfolio lives as they work for longer. Mid life career reviews enable individuals to be proactive about their personal development and take informed decisions about the career opportunities open to them.

Workplace change programmes – restructuring or redundancy

Organisational change is inevitable and often is a time of uncertainty and stress for individuals. Providing support at these times enables individuals to cope with change and consider options in a more rational and constructive way.

Age Confident Employers

Does your HR strategy take account of the impact of an ageing workforce?
Plan for the future by taking part in our Age Confident audit.

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Training Managers and Leaders

Are your managers confident to lead age diverse teams?
Invest in their development to create an inclusive culture that boosts business performance.

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Supporting Working Carers

How many of your employees are juggling work with caring responsibilities?
Take a proactive approach to recognising and supporting working carers to retain an engaged and productive workforce.

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