Supporting Working Carers

How many of your employees are juggling work with caring responsibilities?
Take a proactive approach to recognising and supporting working carers to retain an engaged and productive workforce.

“There are currently 3 million working carers in the UK; 1 in 9 employees with the number expected to grow as the population ages. Employees who care for disabled, elderly or sick partners juggle work with caring responsibilities, struggle with conflicting priorities and often feel they have no option but to leave work.”

Retain experienced employees

Caring for family or friends who are elderly, disabled or sick will become part of life for many people as our population ages and particularly for older workers. Caring responsibilities are often not understood or talked about in the workplace in the same way that employers manage childcare responsibilities. Being proactive in recognising the role and needs of working carers can prevent valuable employees leaving work or becoming ill themselves as a result of struggling to cope without support.

Show understanding and support

We work with you to create a culture where caring responsibilities are recognised and understood. Employer loyalty and mutual trust will grow where employees know that they will be supported through difficult times when they are caring for family and friends. Our support is tailored to your business needs and circumstances and may include:

  • Presentations and workshops to raise awareness and inspire new practices
  • Training for managers in understanding their role in supporting workplace carers
  • Support and advice on flexible working practices and policies
  • Set up and facilitation of working carers networks

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