Training Leaders and Managers

Age Confident leaders and managers are the key to a successful age management strategy. Best practice HR policies can lose their impact if managers are not confident to promote and implement new working practices or create an inclusive culture.

“CIPD research shows many young managers lack the confidence to manage older colleagues and yet only a third of employers have provided training in working with age diverse teams.”

We believe that management training should inspire different thinking and perspectives and enable managers to become competent and confident.

Understanding Age Diversity

Awareness is key to making a change. We deliver essential training on the Equality Act and build an understanding of the value of inclusive workplaces; exploring unconscious bias and the impact of behaviours and culture.

Building Intergenerational Teams

With four generations working alongside each other the potential for conflict is ever present. Team leaders have the opportunity to embrace diversity and benefit from the synergies of an intergenerational team. We provide training in leadership and team building with a focus on understanding age and individual talents.

Age Confident Conversations

Open and honest dialogue is key to understanding the needs of older workers. Discussing performance, personal development needs, later life plans, health issues and caring responsibilities can be daunting for many managers. We coach managers to handle difficult conversations with confidence to arrive at win win outcomes.

Age Confident Employers

Does your HR strategy take account of the impact of an ageing workforce?
Plan for the future by taking part in our Age Confident audit.

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Planning for Life Transitions

Time to change your approach to pre-retirement training for your employees?
Take a new perspective to mid and later life planning to meet the needs of today’s generations.

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Age Confident Training

Are your frontline employees confident when dealing with older consumers?
Develop awareness and understanding to ensure you deliver first class customer service.

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